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Put simply, the future is ELECTRIC.

In general, electric vehicles (EV) run on, well, electricity. We, of course, are focused on electric cars only and want you to know the technology behind the whole concept of electrified transportation. Before we get going though, let’s first understand the existing breeds of electrified vehicles. Essentially, there are four kinds of electrified vehicles available.

HEV or Hybrid Electric Vehicle

A vehicle that draws its power from a combination of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. When the onboard batteries run out of juice, the conventional engine powers the vehicle and also acts as a charger for the batteries.

PHEV or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Like HEVs, PHEVs carry the same dual engine powertrain underneath. The only difference is that the onboard batteries, which power the electric motor, can be charged via mains electricity.

BEV or Battery Electric Vehicle

It is a vehicle that runs only on electric power. This power is drawn from an onboard battery pack, which can be charged from mains electricity.

FCEV or Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle

A type of vehicle in which a fuel-cell (either on its own or with a combination of a battery pack) powers the onboard electric engine. The fuel cell fuses oxygen from the air and compressed hydrogen from the tank to generate electricity.

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