Saar: The cargo area can accommodate anything between 385 litres with the rear seats up and 1,281 litres with them folded.

We sure are excited how Volkswagen’s answer to the Hyundai Creta is shaping up. Well, Volkswagen already knows what it is. It’s just that we don’t! You get it, don’t you?! Anyway, the name is T-Cross and Volkswagen has already confirmed that after it goes on sale in bigger markets like Europe, South America and China, it will land in India. Oh, yes! Good times ahead! But it is a bit too early to be excited about something that won’t come before the year 2020. As per Volkswagen Group’s ‘India 2.0’ project, Skoda will launch a compact SUV in the same space, which will then share its underpinnings with the India-spec T-Cross. India-spec? We’ll come to that later.

Let’s just concentrate on the latest set of images and the video that Volkswagen has released for the T-Cross. This time around, the German carmaker is focusing on the voluminous boot of the SUV. It says that with the rear seats pushed all the way back, the cargo area will still accommodate 385 litres of stuff. Pull the back seats all the way forward, and the boot volume increases to 455 litres. However, if the back row of seats, which have a 60:40 split ratio, are folded down, the luggage space goes up to a whopping 1,281 litres. No matter which way you look at those figures, they are impressive.

We’ve already seen how the finished product will look like as the Volkswagen T-Cross was recently spied with almost no camouflage. It is expected to come out of the incognito mode and wow the world at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

Now to address the question that we left unanswered above. For other markets like Europe, the Volkswagen T-Cross will be underpinned by the MQB A0 platform. It is the same skeleton that does duty for the new VW Polo. And all the specs that we’ve mentioned above are for those markets where the T-Cross will land before it comes to India. On our shores, the compact SUV will be a little bit different in size, possibly bigger. Reason? It will have an India-specific modified MQB A0 platform, which Volkswagen has tagged as the MQB A0 IN.

Volkswagen Releases First Teaser For T-Cross

Volkswagen has learnt a lot about the Indian automobile industry and one of the most important learnings include how important rear passenger legroom is for people here. To address that, the T-Cross in India is likely to dwarf the one meant for Europe. If reports are to be believed, the India-spec Volkswagen T-Cross could be up to 100mm longer. In the powertrains department, the T-Cross will get diesel and petrol engine options, with the latter being a 1.0-litre TSI mill, which will also be locally produced.